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about us

Paul Frank™ began in 1995 in a small Huntington Beach garage when Paul Frank himself began sewing custom wallets as gifts for his friends.

His products were unique and people couldn’t find anything like them anywhere else. His gifts consisted of whimsical characters with names like Julius™ and Skurvy™. Little did anyone know, the unprecedented excitement and interest in these adorable characters would soon thrust them to become pop culture icons. 

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Playful, Happy &

Paul Frank is about returning to innocence… reminding us all to be playful, to be happy and to be fearless in life. 

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Whether we are sewing custom gifts for friends, silk-screening designs on t-shirts or illustrating our latest loveable character, we are all about one thing – fun.

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We have been creating smiles all over the globe for years through our most recognized character, Julius™ the Monkey. Combine all that with our brightly colored, mid-century inspired vision and you’ve got Paul Frank™!

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