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Planned Pines

Planned Pines™ is a planned community where Julius™ and his friends live. It is painfully obvious how perfect it is; every blade of grass is in place; the weather is always nice, and you can’t beat the location. It is close to the mountains, close to the water and everything you need is within walking distance.


The use of satire and sarcasm is always incorporated into our storylines and Planned Pines™ is an ideal place for plenty of mischief to take place. Planned Pines™… its where everyone is welcome.


Julius the Monkey is a lovable creature, filled with curiosity and wonder with a charisma that appoints him the natural leader. He doesn’t need to call up his friends to have them join him on his adventures – they just find him and join on the fun

Bunny Girl lives in a hole in the ground in the middle of the park. Although she speaks her own language, she doesn’t let that stop her from making new friends. She also loves collecting knickknacks and gizmos. Bunny Girl thinks Worry Bear is kind of cute, in that “we both collect random things that we care about but others may not” kind of way.

Worry Bear is a collector of items. One man’s trash is Worry Bear’s treasure. He’s always prepared for any situation with his picnic basket from which he can pull anything. If you’re looking for a rare item, car part or sporting good, chances are Worry Bear will help you find it – if he doesn’t already have it on his person. Worry Bear is also highly anxious and neurotic, hence the name

Although they might not always agree on things, Clancy is Julius’ best friend. Like Julius, he wants to make things a little bit better. But being so young and sheltered, he’s uninitiated to the ways of the world. So he learns from Julius and often brings good ideas for fun adventures to the table. 

Bob the Braces Dog” is a smiling, loudmouthed goofball. When they say, “boys will be boys” they’re talking about Bob. He shows his affection through noogies, wedgies and wet willies.

AAARGH! Skurvy is part of the Paul Frank family of characters who live in Planned Pines, USA. You might recognize him from his side work on poison bottles, on the back of biker’s jackets and as a bad tattoo! 

They often daydream together and are always spontaneous and imaginative. They have a joyous approach to always being in the moment. 


They always find the funny side of everyday situations. They approach life together with a sense o wonder and amusement.


They are never afraid to explore new beginnings and are always on the look-out for novelty and new adventures. 


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